Denise van Gils

I am a passionate horsewoman and professional horse trainer specialized in the Arabian horse breed. Born in 1994 and raised in Haarlem the Netherlands. Together with my boyfriend Quinten and our 2 cats we live in the North of the Netherlands near the horse facility. I am also the very proud owner of two Arabian mares. Since I was a little girl I have been in love with horses. My older sister introduced me to them. I started riding at a ponyclub when I was seven years old. From an early age I had a special thing for Arabian horses. It didn’t take long before I was riding and taking care of Arabian horses from friends. When I was 14, I went to my first Arabian horse show. I was sold and I knew this is what I wanted to do in life. During college I’ve done several amateur shows but when I was 17 and finished school it got more serious. From then I have worked for several Arabian horse trainers in Europe and the USA. I started showing as a professional for Van Gils Showtraining in 2018. Since then we had many successes in Europe, Middle East and USA.

PA Vittoria Dancer

In 2015 during one of my trips in the USA I had the privilege to visit Sheila Varian her farm and meet her in person. She was the most knowledgeable and incredible person I’ve ever met. Her passion and vision of the breed is just something else. From that day I had the dream to own a mare from Sheila’s heritage. In 2017 my biggest dream came true. My first Arabian horse. A big black bay mare from the USA. Skillfully bred by Frank and Sarah Chrisholm from Palmetto Arabians and bought from a Hennessey Arabians auction. Vittoria is sired by the late number one performance sire Sundance Kid V, who is a son of one of Sheila’s favorite stallions Desperado V and out of the Ali Jamaal daughter Sweet Serenade V. Vittoria her dam is Verteyna, who is bred by Ralph Sessa. Combining the immortal Versace and Bey Teyna from the aristocrat mare TW Forteyna. Vittoria came to the Netherlands after a year spending time together with her in Scottsdale Arizona. We competed in several amateur shows and ridden shows. Early 2018 she came home to The Netherlands while in foal to Cadance PA for a triple Versace foal and in March 2018 the beautiful filly DG Vittaroza was born. Now proudly owned by Adjuvense Arabians Austria. In April 2020 Vittoria foaled a beautiful tall filly by Madagaskar J (Excalibur EA x Mississippi J) named DG Vi’Nyx. ‘Vien’ is now proudly owned by my friend Franca Kerssens from The Netherlands. Since 2021 me and Vittoria joined the Dutch Arabian Western Riding Association (DAWRA) and became competitive in the western riding scene. After a few good rides we finished the year with Rookie of the Year Western Pleasure and Western Horsemanship.

ORA Al Noor

In the summer of 2021 this beautiful filly joined our horse family. Noor is sired by the beautiful ES Sarab. Sarab is a son of Marajj out of the WH Justice daughter Mahjesty. On the damside we have the typey Dakar El Jamaal daughter Mahity el Jamaal who is also the dam of Mahder al Jamal. Noor’s dam is the tall Ludjin el Jamaal daughter ZT Ludjteyna. We all know her as the dam of ZT Marwteyn. ZT Ludjteyna is a daughter of Shahteyna who is a full sister to Vittoria’s grandmother Bey Teyna. Both of my girls share the incredible heritage from aristocratic mare TW Forteyna. Shahteyna and Bey Teyna are both US National Champion winners with Michael Byatt, managed by Stan Keeter of Midcrest Arabians.

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