Van Gils Showtraining

I became a show trainer because I love this job. Because to me, there is no greater joy than to enter the arena with a horse that is snorting and dancing on my lead. A horse that trusts me and has fun in the show ring. As much as I enjoy that moment in the spotlight, that moment when I make the horse shine its very brightest…I also love the late night checks in the barn. The cuddles with all of the horses. Their big, dark eyes looking at me with love, their soft noses in my neck.
I train these horses with love and with joy.
I teach them to be confident. To explore themselves, to be proud of themselves.
Wherever I go I’ll show them what it means to be loved. And to be trained with patience and reward.
Only then they will do their utter best for me.
Wherever I go, whichever horse I meet they will all get a place in my heart.


I offer several services and have created different packages to suit every client’s different needs. In addition I am also happy to come your way and school at your location, help out to get the most out of a photoshoot or prepare your homebred beauties for a breeders presentation. Please find these options below. I also organise clinics for amateur handlers and show clipping world wide. Keep an eye on my Social Media feed if you’d wish to join or contact me for options or if you want to organise a clinic. Should there be any questions I’d love to hear from you. You are most welcome to visit my facility and have a chat. Your horse is your prized posession, and I fully understand that you want to make sure that he or she will be in the very best hands! 

Package 1


A package specialized for broodmares or temporarily boarding horses.
They will get all the love and attention they would get from you at home, Van Gils style!

This package includes:

• twice a day high quality food specialized for broodmares
• 24/7 access to hay
• daily turnout
• daily grooming

Package 2

Stud and sales

A package specialized for conditioning breeding stallions and sales preperation.We will promote your stallions and find your treasured horses a loving new home! 

This package includes:

• twice a day high quality food based on individual needs of the horse
• 24/7 access to hay
• daily turnout
• three times a week exercise
• daily grooming
• face clips for presentations and video-/photoshoots

*additional costs for treadmill usage
** additional costs may apply for video-/photoshoots

Package 3


Specialized to the needs of a happy and healthy show horse for the best performance. I will guide your horse through the arena with love and joy, making sure they feel confident and have fun!

This package includes:

• twice a day high quality food based on the individual needs of the horse
• certain supplements included
• 24/7 access to hay
• daily turnout if weather allows
• individual exercise program
• schooling
• twice weekly treadmill
• regular show clipping
• farrier trimming

*all prices excluding VAT

Show fees

National & International C show • €150
International B show • €200
Title show (Aachen, Paris, etc) • €300
A show (Menton, Katara, etc) • €400

Standard costs

2x weekly treadmill
Influenza vaccination
EHV vaccination
Fecal exam and deworming
Pre purchase exam (general + X-rays)
Farrier trimming • €40
Front shoes • €90
Full shoes • €130


Show clip • €50
Body clip • €100
Schooling on location (minimum of 3 horses or on route) • on request
Handling fee photoshoot • on request
Preparing horses of a breeder • on request

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